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Restorative Yoga in Thunder

May 19, 2018

Last night a storm pushed over us and the thunder and lightening seemed to go on forever. During the restorative yoga class, I had the door open and as a class, we listened to the sounds of the storm and our breath. Here is the 1 hour sequence with a starting and closing seated meditation. Each position can be held for 2-4 minutes.


+ Childs pose

+ Shoulder Opener: coming up and placing the whole shoulder and arm on the ground, head is face down above the shoulder, hips are lifted off of the feet, and the other hand can come around the back, focused on the opening across the top and back of the shoulder.

+ Half Pigeon pose

+ Side stretch from pigeon (same hand as knee comes to the ground, reach overhead and forward

+ Cow face on this side, wrapping the back leg around

+ Coming back to child's pose to do the shoulder opener on the other side and complete the other leg.

+ Butterly, forward fold. (You can use a block to rest your head on, rounded spine here. 

+ Lie down on your back, knees come into chest

+ Legs to the sky (straight legs). Option to place a block under the sacrum. Imagine the blood and energy rinsing down from the feet, back into the earth.

+ Supported Bridge Pose

+ Supine spinal twists

+ Savasana 




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