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The Diminishing of Grasping

May 3, 2018

We've all had the experiences where we find ourselves so worked up about something and later we feel painfully guilty for the time and energy we wasted on something that didn't ultimately matter. 


It's the same with positive experiences as well. Say you have this incredible experience with a relationship. The first time your first love says that they love you. You can still remember and re-live the exact feeling you felt. This experience not only lives in you, but you hold onto it, it's positive, makes sense. But later in life, after you and your first love break up (happens a lot), you meet someone else, wonderful, and the first time they say I love you... something feels weird. You can't stop thinking about the first time this happened to you. Could it be that your positive past experience is causing you to have a closed impression of this new moment? (There are many examples of this, in food, sleep, exercise, friendships, etc.)


I want to invite you to reflect on this common happening. We hold onto our memories, positive and negative, replaying our current moment through the lens of our most cherished and despised memories all the time. 


What we find in meditation and on the path of true becoming is just the same. Moments of great spiritual awakening and realization, paired with the chatter and strange imagery  of the mind. How natural it is to be excited by these positives and frustrated by the chatter. But in understanding the nature of these emotions, we can better understand why grasping onto moments like this is hurtful to our freedom. Life moves like water, flood and drought included. The more we can allow this river of life to move through us, freely, the greater we will discover our humble and gift like nature. 


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