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The Anxious Companion

January 18, 2018


 How can we be more ourselves in one small way?


Anxiety can plague us all in different ways. Triggered by an endless variety of stimuli existent and non-existent, it can be around each corner. I even sometimes take her to tea with me. Just me and my anxiety, drinking tea. And she is so miserable, and I endlessly examine her, trying to figure out why, knowing that buried in the depths of her, I will find empty fear and nothing more.


So I've decided to stop dissecting this fantasy feeling and begin again. When she walks in the door, I ring the bell of conscious promise, remember my heart centered reality, and clear her air. I just decide that I'm not going to explore her presence. She can stay with me for a while, but I'm not going to confuse my well-being with her existence. 


And later in the day, I found myself writing this poem:


Eyes reflecting like glass

Glistening with transparency

and secrets


Withhold next time

That which is sacred. 

Another layer to hide behind

A fear to trap & cage

A mirage of feelings

A barrage of fates


Gifts come indescript

Forcing you to discover

its purpose

its fit


But you stow it away

So you can't play

The games of control







Far out from gaze

Lies a land so serene

All beings live in peace

All united

All free


The moment the grasping 

can calm

can cease


You will see this home

find it with your feet


But so far in the distance

it requires

A commitment


Each step

A deeper desire


To mergence

With all you truly loved

No greater hope has ever resided

Than for you to come home

Come back

And come silent



With this opportunity, I just want to let you all know, that you aren't alone. These heavy vibrations can be felt by us all. And we all have the will power to recognize that we are the one who notices, not the one who feels. 


With light,


The Girl with the Blue Fox in the Eye




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