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The 12 months of 2018

January 1, 2018


January: Cultivate your community, surrounding yourself with other beings that nurture your true self (people, dogs, cats, insects, plants). Have faith in the darkness of the beginning of the year. Things will become clearer, for now, pray for what is needed, for yourself as well as the planet. Allow your intentions to spread like steam. 


February: Going inward. Allow there to be space for your inner work, when that darkness seems like too much, find some quite space to lie down, close your eyes, while you lay on the ground, and see if you can just listen to your breath. This is what it means to go inside. Accept the darkness as a purification. Your sun will rise soon. 


March: The Sun rises! There is great clarity in March, a strong sense of what is meant to be done. Mounted on your horse, walking through the canyons, the vision has finally, fully shown itself to you. Long term relationships may make more sense this time, understanding the nature of time's construct, and the supple space of living in each moment.


April: Choices. Know the differences between intellect and wisdom. Know them as well as your dearest friends. There is a wisdom deep within our cells, beyond our minds understanding, that has been spoken in all beings. Discover the balance between these, and apply that balance to the decisions you will be making. 


May: Gestation! Whatever magical dream baby that has been conceived.. it will be fully in us come May. That means we have to really care for ourselves as we prepare to birth our visions, businesses, goals, and relationships. Gentle with our hearts, kinds words to ourselves, healthy eating, and lots of sleep. 


June: Stay Focused on the true mission. Seems like for some of us it will be ourselves, but for others it will be someone else. Either way, an energy presenting itself that just wants to take, that is there for the short term goals only, (the golden chest within you). Don't get caught in the allure of desire, stay grounded in your community. The support card shows 6 women flying together because they are connected. Stay strong with the community you've been cultivating.


July: Creativity. Let things flow! Sing, dance, draw, paint, live everything as it comes and then let it go. Feel the breath of fresh air from life and then, let it pass. 


August: Transition. Changes are taking place. We'll see ourselves moving away from older pastures towards greener ones. Trust that those greener ones exist! Through meditation, we can find ourselves much more stable within the unknown. Check in with your spiritual practices.


September: You did it! Some fire and passion brought your grounded, powerful awareness to this place! Success, joy, rising. Old habits clear in this time, there is a centered feeling and great gratitude for the work you've done. Amazing. 


October:  New opportunities for leadership are arising. Take those opportunities with humility and in your centered heart. We all come from the soil, and return to her. Help all beings come back to this truth by living authentically in relation to yourself and others. 


November: Thunderbeings. You are powerful when you are fully in your center. Remember to use your powers for good, and not carelessly. Focus on the task at hand during this time, not letting your feelings stray far from what you can do in the moment. It's challenging, but your power is best utilized by illuminating your next steps. Build with your light!


December: Celebrations. There is an incredible Harmony at the end of next year. Great accomplishments and gatherings. Stronger connections with others, more giving relationship with Mother Earth, and more joy in the heart. Endless blessings and love shine through the night time sky. 


Overall Focus (Center Card): Our perspectives can become so limited when we try to look too hard or too closely. Get a few different angles! There is so much we humans do not know or understand. But there are some basic truths we all know in our hearts, and that's that we shouldn't leave this earth so dirty like we are. We should be responsible with our minds, bodies, and emotions. So this year, taking closer steps with the soil and mother earth, listening closer to our innate wisdom and truth. 


Endless blessings to you all. 


The Girl with the Blue Fox in the Eye



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