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A poem on Love

May 26, 2016

It would exist here
In this moment in time
A snapshot
Unfamiliar to the untrained eye
We were like the dark before you flicked on the lights
Adjusted to the contours of your every inch
Conforming to the grasping
Eyes opened and closed
Whatever it took to drink more in


You see me
A bounty of flesh, bones, and thoughts
A forest of ancient spirit, native plants and dense soil
A union of every lover in history
A sweat that tastes of effort
Hands that mean business
Circles made by the swirling storm
Thunder from your chest
Lightening from mine.
A long lease for a purposeful life
Signed, dotted, crossed, and dated
An absolute thrust into an awakened existence.
You pull me in
Chest deep and dropped
Neck arched
Visions of the collisions among atoms.
Smashing into me
As I relay to you
The way it's supposed to be.


Fully present and determined
Your ears hear the synapses
Your eyes frame my portrait
As you lay in awe of the site I see
Vicarious is a cheap word
Your world speaks through me
Undone and so young
Long exposure to the time lapse of everything we are.


The river has always run here
But only then did I remember
Our rivers run together
One water

One destination




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