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The Girl with the Blue Fox in the Eye

Cualquiera en Cualquier Lugar

कहीं भी कहीं भी

أي حد في أي مكان

The Anyone Anywhere Deck

Created By

Steph Harris

The Girl with the Blue Fox in the Eye

36 watercolor paintings, to be used as a tool for intuition development, self-help, and divination.

The Girl with the Blue Fox in the Eye

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The Anyone Anywhere Deck

The Anyone Anywhere Deck

Your awakening can happen anywhere.

Original artwork created and inspired through Mother Earth.

This collection will help you truly listen to yourself, growing closer with your inner knowing as you journey towards awakening.

Hand Crafted in the USA

Steph Harris, 2018

Blue Fox in the Eye

Handmade, Deck # __________

أي حد في أي مكان

cualquiera en cualquier lugar

कहीं भी कहीं भी

Welcome to The Anyone Anywhere Deck

Returning to ourselves: This deck is an invitation, a tool; when questions are loud, or you need time to reflect, a moment to just sit and be with yourself, these cards will help you hold that space. This deck is a spiritual tool, a medium one can utilize in the rawest moments. To create and develop this collection , I gave my existence to mother earth, taking it out of my hands, the art on these cards contain millions of strokes of trust.


This deck is not based in my story, but rather, yours. None of the cards have specific meanings, although I have stories, thoughts and poems about each card, I’m sure you will have very different stories for the same card. That’s why it’s important to work with trusting yourself! Because there isn’t a book page to flip to that will tell you the answers, you have to trust yourself enough to go on the journey to find out. Below is a general guideline for pulling cards. There are many other ways to do this work or use this deck, so in all the ways, I just ask that you cultivate space for yourself and listen wholeheartedly.


Cultivating the space: Sit for a moment and tune in with the breath coming in through the nose, and out. Noticing its natural ways, place a hand over the heart; feel the heartbeat, feel the whole body. You are a cultivator, an active participant in life. Many of the greatest teachers have spoken of truth’s simplicity, buried within you always. This deck relies on your willingness to hold the space. Each time you approach the deck to pull cards, come with a heart of gratitude for this moments opportunity to come back, tune in, and listen.


Pulling the cards: While you shuffle, ask for the guidance and messages you need to receive right now. I have enjoyed asking my guardian angels for their help, but if something else speaks to you, feel free to use your spiritual source or none to tune in. Bring to your heart the questions or topics you need to explore, and when the deck feels shuffled enough, you can spread them out in front of you on a cloth or safe surface. I like to look at the face down cards, the ones I need to pull usually shine brighter to me, but you can explore different senses; touch, sight, feeling, to choose the card/s. Remember to be mindful when you ask questions. Sometimes, we ask things we already know the answers to. Questions based in self-doubt will be received to the deck as confusion and you will likely get a card that bewilders you. Instead, when you already know an answer to a question but still feel stuck, ask why you feel tension or why this is hard for you.


Interpretations: All of the deck’s imagery is intended to speak your truth back to you. Like an inkblot test, you are invited to see what you need to see in the cards.

There are 4 categories in the deck, signified by different colors and symbols:

Green- Yin and Yang- Energy: Balance, needing balance, fluctuating, ever changing, cyclical

Blue- Moon- Energy: Reflection, needs space, give yourself time, emotion (or needs emotion), challenge, transition

Peach- Awakening- Energy: Eyes open, clear, clarity coming, fear, resolution, peace, union,

Orange- Sun- Energy: Creativity, bright, overwhelming, intense, charged, caution, light

These are just general interpretations of the categories feel free to open yourself to your own interpretation relative to the moment. When you pull a card, be open at first. Just notice how you feel, any lighter? Tighter? Is an emotion coming up, what kind of thoughts? These kinds of questions will help you begin Another way to go is to try and let the card tell you a story. Who are the characters present? Do you resonate with one of them in particular? Why? Ask what the objects around the card are, why they are there, what they have to do with the story, with you, with your question. The cards have many interpretations, so if/when self doubt comes up to question your experience, try to remind yourself that there is no one way to look at these cards, and your interpretation is valid, and can change over time.

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